A dog’s life

Queenie doesn’t spend all her time snoozing, but it’s easier to draw her when she is…

galloway etc05 Lexington grey in fountain pen and water-brush, white gouache, A5 – 20 minutes 

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A couple of sketches from the peaceful Galloway coast, both done with pencil for line, dilute ink for shading, and water-colour wash for soft colour. First some smooth pebbles at low tide, and then a very still sea at flood-tide, with the Isle of Man wearing a cloud cap thirty miles away on the horizon.

galloway etc08

galloway etc106B pencil, dilute Lexington grey in water-brush, water-colour, A5 – 40 mins each

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At the fair again

Carters Steam Fair (“100 smiles per hour!“) have been back to our local park. I didn’t draw the Steam Boats, as promised last time, but I did try sketching the merry-go-round horses; this was tricky as they kept setting off again every 2 minutes, hence the nightmarish multiple heads! I also drew other people there, watching the rides and taking photos, various dogs and birds, and I found a plein-air oil-painter at work (he was painting the Steam Boats…). At the bottom there’s a Helter Skelter from another recent fair, and a previous (better) attempt at the same ride.

galloway etc21galloway etc19 galloway etc14galloway etc20trees3Lexington grey in fountain pen and water-brush, 6B pencil, water-colour, all A5 – various timesfair 21

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A pair of mugs

Late night cuppas and their shadows, as featured several times before. Just the usual three inks, and I left the table-top unpainted this time.

fbg4Namiki Blue in fountain pen, Brown 41 and Lexington grey in water-brush, A5 – 30 mins

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Car Parklife

I think a key part of urban sketching is depicting the stuff of everyday life, no matter how banal. So here are three quick views from the car while parked at motorway services during the trip to Scotland and back. That’s it, nothing to add!

galloway etc13

fh1 galloway etc17Pencil, Lexington grey in fountain pen and water-brush, water-colour, A5 – 20 minutes each

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More marker pen

St Nicholas’ Church in Burton, Cheshire, and another one of busy kitchen shelves, both sketches using fairly strong perspective, vertical and horizontal. The church was built out of sandstone in 1720 in a very plain style, and the clock only has one hand, dating ‘from a time when it was sufficient to know just the hour of the day’. 

galloway etc15

fghdfh1Edding 30 marker pen, Lexington grey in water-brush, water-colour, A5 – 30 minutes each

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Stuffed and numbered birds on display at the small but wonderful Stewartry Museum, Kircudbright; I didn’t have time to paint all their glorious colours, so had to settle for ink-brush monochrome, concentrating on feathers and form. Then the head of a dead Gannet found while beach-combing (I put it on a stick to draw it). The gannet was fairly ripe, and the orange neck feathers had lost their smoothness, but the beak was still an impressive fish spear (the beak’s four inches long, and unlike most birds they have no nostrils so water doesn’t get forced up them when they hit the water at sixty miles-per-hour!) .

galloway etc07galloway etc03Lexington grey in fountain pen and water-brush, water-colour, A5 – 30 mins for the birds, 15  for the Gannet


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