Toys again

Toys and models are ever-reliable subjects for a quick drawing. You can arrange them how you like, getting a range of angles rarely available in the real world. They’ve also removed any unnecessary details, doing most of the simplification needed for a sketch!

frome05shoes1 cloud17Lexington grey in water-brush and fountain pen, water-colour, A5 – 

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More pencil

I’m still enjoying using the Grafwood 6B pencil, with no rubbing out so no hesitant and uncommitted lines! It’s very smooth, perfect for quick contour sketches of people, and can go from light to dark with the lightest touch. Here are people around town (I’m trying to catch more walkers as well as the easier sitters), the first floor windows of a  restaurant, and another late night selfie.

dfgh3dfgh4 dfgh6fbgg1Grafwood 6B pencil, water-colour, dilute Lexington grey and Namibia blue in water brush, white gel-pen, A5 – various times

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Stone faces

Twelve of the fifty stone heads that gaze down on an original Magna Carta in the Chapter House at Salisbury Cathedral. They were carved in the 13th century, seem to be based on individuals, and capture a range of expressions that look completely modern; Turner found them interesting too. I drew some similar ones in the Mezquita, Cordoba. Then there’s the gravestone in Cordoba of a celebrated matador (the grave appears at the end of the film). And finally the tomb of a C17th Bishop of Bath and Wells (but not this one), alongside another stone head that looks very like one of the ones in Salisbury.

cars134easter332apples2 Various inks in fountain pen and water-brush, water-colour, A5 – a range of times

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Three stages of a monochrome hedge sketch (sounds stunningly dull, but bear with me…). First the initial pencil line drawing; then adding grey ink (which blends really well with soft pencil) for the leaf shadows, and white gel-pen for the foliage outline; and finally a wash of white water-colour for the sky. The white gel pen’s a very useful piece of sketching kit; I also used it in the sketch at the bottom for a similarly crisp high-contrast boundary between the sky and the buildings. (Ok, dullish. Especially if read aloud in a monotone.)

fbggf1dfgh5fbggfh1Grafwood 5B pencil, dilute Lexington grey water-brush, white gel pen, watercolour, A5 – 1 hour?


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The bends

Bath has a lot of steep streets, and lots of them have hairpin bends; so here’s one I pass fairly often (Streetview here). The first sketch was done in full sun last week (it’s followed by the initial line drawing; I added the figures from a reference photo I took just before heading home). Then a couple of earlier versions of the same scene (sat slightly further to the right on the pavement) from April 2013, and June 2012 when I’d been sketching for about a year. The three sketches over three years are a good example of my ongoing see-sawing between no-line and bold line, with the latest one being somewhere in the middle!

dfgh2chimmm2hand_0003sg1All sorts, watercolour, A5, A6 and A7 – various times, the most recent about 45 minutes

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Marker pen sketches

A couple of late night selfies (smile!), washing up on the drying rack, sketches from a walk in the Mendips, and hands. All using my new favourite marker pen; it’s very different from using the 6B pencil, you can get some line variation in the width but that’s about it. Choose your lines carefully as they’re bold and there to stay…

chimmm3chimmm1hhhh1hhhhh1chimmmvv2hhhhh2chimmm4Edding 30 marker pen, various inks in water-brushes, watercolour, white crayon for the eyes, A5 – various times, all fairly fast

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Chim chim cher-ee

More soft pencil sketches; Summer evening views over Bath chimneys and roof-tops to the trees beyond. There’s a couple of seagulls flying home to roost (?) in the first one, and more of the telephone wires I love in the second.


chim1Grafwood 6B pencil, watercolour, A5 – 30 minutes each

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