Paint, pens, ink etc

Of course you only really need a pen and some paper, but…

I enjoy refining my sketching kit, trying out various resources, adapting some things, making others. There’s a huge variety of equipment available and this superabundance can be overwhelming. The choices you make about all these things change the type of work you produce and experimenting with new techniques and resources is an excellent way to broaden your artistic range.

I’ve found the internet invaluable in helping me find my way through all these choices, especially in the beginning, and am grateful for the generosity and enthusiasm of other sketchers who share their top-tips and the reasons for the choices they make (see the links on the front page for some good examples).

My choices are explained in the pages below about Paint, Palettes etc, and you can see what I’m using at the moment in the ‘Current Daily Kit’ page.


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