After many years enjoying photography, I started sketching in March 2011, mostly using pen and watercolour wash. I sketch every day (initially helped by slow but steady progress through the Every Day Matters challenges, in the company of friends).

I try to post a couple of sketches weekly, with a link to an appropriate song buried somewhere in the text for your further amusement.

I post more often on the Urban Sketchers Facebook page, and my local Urban Sketchers Bristol page.

I found the web invaluable in getting going with my sketching, and enjoy sharing sketch-crawls in my home-town, Bath UK. Perhaps you live near Bath, or are visiting soon?

For any questions, comments, suggestions you can contact me at:


Thanks, Ed


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  1. 2Spools says:

    There are photographers I know who will run a miilion miles in the opposite direction rather than be faced with drawing. I think it’s fabulous that you’ve gone to the other side! I betcha your photography will be so much stronger, that is if you ever pick up a camera again.

  2. tmheath says:

    Ed, good to meet you in the Abbey Square today. If you get round to organising some sketching in Bath I’d definitely be glad to hear of it.

  3. alissa says:

    will you be sketching in Bath for International Sketchcrawl on 13 July? I know of someone who likes to sketch and will be in Bath then

    • Ed Mostly says:

      Hi Alissa, I’m free in the morning on the 13th and could gather a few other sketchers for a crawl. I’m freer on Sunday 14th if your friend’s also around then? Thanks, Ed

  4. Jean Stevens says:

    Hi Ed, I’m not far from Bath. If you ever organise anything let me know, although I generally need a bit of notice (a week or so). It would be great to meet up with other sketchers.

  5. Bora Lee says:

    hi, did U remember me? we met at ‘Hagio Sophia’
    You are best artist I think, I really like your drawing:)…from Korea

  6. Hı Ed;
    I hope u remembered me Im Buşra from ‘ Ask Me Project In Istanbul/Turkey’ We met at the square of Sultanahmet Mosque. tomeet uand open our fast together s nice ın Istanbul. hı from My sıstar Merve an d me. see u Teacher 😀

  7. Robin Lowe says:

    I would be interested if you are sketching in Bath again.

    • Ed Mostly says:

      Hi Robin
      I’m likely to be in town with a couple of other sketchers one weekend later this month. I’ll email you when a date is fixed. Are you close to Bath? Ed

  8. James says:

    Quite simply one of the best draughtsmen, illustrators, observers I have ever seen, totally amazing work, from pint glass to toned faces, I am jealous in every way, but in a good way.
    Astonishing work and so enjoyable, I will never draw again!

  9. Caroline says:

    Wonderful drawings and illustrations, Ed. There’s something to enjoy in every post (the pepper mill in Back in the kitchen, for example;) ) but I especially like ‘Weedy’ and the faces in ‘Inside the Mezquita’. Thanks for sharing.
    I mentioned you in my Liebster Award post here, https://carolineylipaa.wordpress.com/2015/05/23/my-liebster-liebster-award-part-2/

    • Ed Mostly says:

      Thanks Caroline. I hadn’t heard of Liebster, but glad of the introduction to some new blogs. I especially like Maxine Dodd’s speedy sketches, and Chris Fraser’s ‘traces’ (calligraphic brush drawings of dance movement). Ed

  10. julia says:

    What an inspiring blog! You are doing just what I try to teach people to do – treat drawing as a way of life! (:

    • Ed Mostly says:

      Many thanks Julia, it’s the daily habit that’s made the difference. And thanks for the top tips on your blog. I like the idea of sketching ‘into’ lino. Ed

  11. Michael Collins says:

    Fortunate to bump into you as you were sitting against a lamp post and sketching in Burton last week. Looking through your work we’re mightily impressed. I particularly like your sketches of people walking in front of you. We are back in Jeddah now. School closed today as there is a sandstorm.
    On you recommendations I bought myself a little kit so I will try it out today.
    Another excellent Bath artist, Spencer Tart, painted lots of Saudi scenes. We have a print of his in our kitchen called ‘Old Riyadh’.
    Thanks for your tips – we really enjoyed chatting to you.
    Michael and Karen Collins

    • Ed Mostly says:

      Hi, thanks for the email, and very kind comments! Lovely to meet you, sorry for delayed response, back home now. No sandstorms here, but an interesting documentary on them this week; I hadn’t realised how huge they were and the the impact they have… Good luck with your sketching kit and I hope you find a good gang to sketch with. Best wishes Ed

  12. John says:

    Hello Ed you saw Alison today on the golf course. She gave me your blog site particulars. I admire your work and self discipline. Come for coffee if you are about. Moi is a sort of painter !. Hugoofbath@hotmail.com.
    Sion Hill

  13. Hi Ed! I really liked your work and I am so happy to see you are based in Bath! I do sketch and paint and occasionally join life drawing sessions at Bath Artist Studios. I heard about Urban Sketchers but not quite sure if there was a group in Bath. Is there a regular meeting for sketching and art i could possibly join!!?

    • Ed Mostly says:

      Hi Iasonas, thanks for the comment. There’s a local USk group for Bristol and the South West, and we occasionally meet up in Bath. There’s also a group led by Daniel Chuter meeting in Bath fairly regularly on Sundays. Here’s the Facebook link: https://www.facebook.com/groups/906335416054980/
      I recommend joining the group as there are also other meet ups that just happen. I look forward to sketching with you around Bath!

  14. Nick says:

    Really inspired by your work Ed. Thank you for sharing and special thanks for sharing your kit, inspiration and tools.

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