Other useful things

A few other things that are sometimes useful.


From left to right:

  • Tiny soy-sauce bottles for carrying extra ink when travelling.
  • Clips to secure pages when sketching somewhere windy.
  • ‘Spritzer’ water spray, useful for lightly wetting paper ahead of a large wash of colour, skies etc. Also good to spray on you palette a minute before you start painting to ‘wake up’ the paints.
  • Sweat band I wear on my wrist to wipe the water-brush on. Fits over the smallest pocket palette when not being used. Much handier (hands free) and less pocket-lint than tissues…
  • Syringe for refilling cartridges with strange inks. Cartridges always hold much more ink than their piston filler equivalent. Get a useful kit for this here.

And below a very cheap, lightweight and well designed set of 3 nesting water pots that clip together to make a stable unit. Clean your brush to get the worst off in the first one, a further clean in the next, and the final rinse in the last. Keeps muddy water away from your palette and painting and uses less water when away from a tap.


6 Responses to Other useful things

  1. Lois Browne says:

    that wrist band is brilliant… I’ll definitely be adopting that. Thx

  2. Brett Danvers says:

    A pair of old sports socks can be cut up t provide four wrist bands.
    I like your blog. Used the info to make two hard cover 300gsm sketchbooks

  3. I recently picked up a sweat band (wrapped round my palette and wrist) as it’s a great idea. The lady from the gym pr stand was not impressed when I explained why I wanted it!

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