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Bath sketchcrawl, Saturday 21st May – Update

I’ve been watching the weather forecasts closely this week, and there’s been stubborn patch of heavy rain covering Saturday morning in every forecast. It still hasn’t shifted… As sketching in heavy rain is tricky, and sketching in heavy rain on top … Continue reading

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…and one dog

Quick brush-pen sketches of anyone who caught my eye while I sat outside  Bath Abbey, waiting for the shops to open last Sunday morning. I got faster as I sketched, focussing on eye-line angles and getting head/torso relationships right (scarves make … Continue reading

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Six pigeons

Sat on my habitual weekend sketching perch, the steps by the back-door to the Roman Baths, overlooking the paved square next to Bath Abbey. The people on the benches were the original focus for the sketch, and then the pigeons … Continue reading

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Waiting in town

A bus queue lined up alongside Bath Abbey, and more tourists sat on benches (previously, and here). Drawing directly with ink means ‘mistakes’ are visible, recording the process of feeling out where the lines need to go. Usually I just restate the line, … Continue reading

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In Memoriam…

Tombs, memorials and statues are another great source of patient models for sketching, so here are seven monochrome examples spanning three thousand years to finish 2014.  ‘Memento Mori’ or ‘Memento Vivere’ depending on your mood in the run up to the … Continue reading

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28 bench-sitters

Another collection of strangers, mostly tourists, sat on benches in the square next to Bath Abbey. They’re chatting, reading, texting, pondering, relaxing, waiting, eating ice-cream, and just watching, like me. The square’s a great place for sketching people, they usually stay … Continue reading

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Bog Island

Bath Abbey appearing over the rooftops on a bright and breezy day, sketched while leaning on a lamp-post (sincere apologies). I was on Bog Island, named after the public toilets, or ‘bogs’, which used to be there and that were converted … Continue reading

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Looser lines

An early Spring Saturday with Jim in Bath Abbey Courtyard, where we tried to sketch with minimal looking down at the paper, ‘blind contour drawing’. We didn’t manage the recommended “90% looking at subject, 10% checking the picture’s progress” proportions, but … Continue reading

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‘The Voyager’ by Tessa Farmer, one of several sculptures temporarily in Bath Abbey. This one’s in a small side chapel, with a collection of ants, wasps and tiny winged figures riding on its back. It’s also carrying a dead mouse … Continue reading

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