Bog Island

Bog Island

Bath Abbey appearing over the rooftops on a bright and breezy day, sketched while leaning on a lamp-post (sincere apologies). I was on Bog Island, named after the public toilets, or ‘bogs’, which used to be there and that were converted into a night-club in the 1980s, since closed. Here’s a Google Steetview link to my view. It could be useful to be able to revisit places in this virtual way, perhaps to add colour to a hurried sketch in the absence of a reference photo?

(There’s a website devoted to sketching locations only seen through Streetview; a sort of armchair world-wide Urban Sketching. Great if you’re homebound or fancy a new view?)

Fountain pen and water-brushes with Lexington grey ink, watercolour, A6

About Ed Mostly

Enthusiastic daily sketcher based in Bath Uk
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