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Digital art

Lots more fingers and toes, all drawn late in the evening when there’s nothing else around to sketch. Strange to see my hands age so dramatically as the drawings become more detailed, with more lines and shading… (A range of pens and inks, … Continue reading

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Night time

A fast sketch on a cold night on the way back from The Star, an exceptionally fine pub in Bath. Pigma 1mm pen, water-brushes filled with dilute Diamine grey and Chinese sumi ink, A6

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Ink brushes

I’ve been filling water-brushes with dilute inks, creating another portable limited palette of colours that I can blend on the page. I’m using Windsor and Newton inks which are transparent and quickly become waterproof, enabling me to layer colours, building up tints, tone, … Continue reading

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Pavement art

Looking out from Camden Crescent, one of seven crescents in Bath. The pavement is  broad and rises above the road, giving excellent views across the city. Marker pen with carbon ink, water-brushes with Diamine grey ink, A5

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Pulteney weir

The weir next to Pulteney Bridge in the centre of Bath. I used grey ink for the initial drawing, the same ink diluted in a water-brush for the tone, and then watercolour over that. There’s a great interview with Steven … Continue reading

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Some sketches from the wonderful Bronze exhibition at the Royal Academy in London last Summer. An amazing range of works from many times and places. The horse is Greek, called the ‘Armento Rider’, 550BCE. The spider crawling up the wall … Continue reading

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Ginnel, snicket, drang

Looking down ‘The Shrubbery’, one of the many steep pedestrian alleys in Bath. These narrow lanes are called ‘ginnels’ or ‘snickets’ in the North of England; in this area they’re ‘drangs’. The back of the Royal Crescent is in the … Continue reading

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