Tim, Phil and Jim

Two brothers-in-law and a friend, variously watching TV, fiddling with phones or just snoozing! In bamboo dip-pen, coloured pencil, and one in coloured brush pens (remember them? My previous favourite…).


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Post-Symposium reflections…

This page has a longer version of the article I’ve written for the USk blog, including an extra section on ‘next steps?’.  I’d love to have your feedback, comments, reactions…


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Six attempts at describing morning and evening clouds flowing over the Pyrenees, and one in the middle of just the mountains, trying different approaches (opaque white ink, reserved white paper, titanium white watercolour). I think the third and the last are starting to express the clouds’drifting cloaking movement, but I need much much more practise playing with watercolour, not just drawing in ink…


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Hands and feet

A round up of hands and feet, including a rare ‘right hand by left hand’, and a portrait of me being drawn by the hands that I’m drawing. A commitment to daily drawing means these reliable models are frequently pressed into service… As the collection spans a few months it covers my move from grey ink to colour, and from fountain pen, to brush-pen, to pencil, to bamboo dip-pen!

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Peoples and persons

Indulging in my favourite hobby, drawing people out and about in Bath. From the top there’s a crowd of boozy boules match spectators, tourists near the Abbey, and fellow customers sat outside a cafe. I’ve found pencils wonderfully sensitive for close up portraits, and the coloured ones can blend well with water-colour, de-emphasising the initial line work. And they’re less obtrusive than a bamboo dip-pen and bottles of ink!


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Four sketches where I pushed the contrast by using stronger inks and white highlights, including some knobbly autumnal squash. With the last two I had that horrible moment when I realised I’d carried on working on them too long and that there wasn’t an undo button to hit… The clouds had turned into a tropical archipelago and the delicate flowers into pottery!


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Allotment views

The same view (backs of Bath buildings from some allotments) sketched three times on separate days. All late afternoon/early evening, all in bamboo dip-pen, all in coloured ink (including an oddly muddy grey De Atramentis blend) but all a bit different as I took various artistic liberties with the walls, chimneys, windows and roofs trying to make them fit onto the pages!

ggcz2nmnmn05hghf4De Atramentis inks, bamboo dip-pen, watercolour, and Molotow white pen, A5 – about 30 mins each

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