More small sketches…

More from the small pocket-sized notebook, tiny landscapes this time, with a fair few from early morning dog-walking, featuring clouds that caught my eye and occasional goats and p…

arnos vale_0009 (2)arnos vale_0029Version 2arnos vale_0024arnos vale_0022Version 2arnos vale_0020Version 2arnos vale_0015 (2)arnos vale_0016 (1)arnos vale_0012 (1)arnos vale_0007 (2)

arnos vale_0013 (2)Version 2

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The great indoors

A current theme, mostly driven by the weather, is cafe sketching. The busier the cafe the better, partly to give me more subjects to draw, but also to make my large sketchbook/bamboo dip-pen set-up slightly less conspicuous… All are in Bath, incorporating varying degrees of ‘natural/wonky perspective’, and almost all are in dip-pen. Then 16 other fairly recent cafe/pub sketches.



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Tate Modern

Sketches from a recent visit to Tate Modern; visitors encountering ‘Babel 2001’, taking a break in the cafe, viewing Karl Blossfeldt photos, and waiting at Paddington for the train home.

arnos vale_0012 (5)arnos vale_0015 (4)arnos vale_0016 (7)arnos vale_0014 (3)

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‘Cheer up, it’s already happened…’

A commitment to daily drawing from life (six years so far…) often means relying on late night selfies. Here’s the latest collection of around fifty (!), with the usual apology for the severe/odd/blank expressions. The first batch were all done in my small Muji book, and almost all in grey Document ink using a Sailor fude pen, spot the one drawn ‘blind’. The second batch were done in a bigger book using all sorts.

And as a special festive bonus these are followed by 100 previous attempts from the past few years. There’s probably a very dull animation lurking in all these frames…



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daily dog

Daily sketches of our six months old/young Schnoodle puppy Mo; it took a while to be able to see the key contour lines of her body within the fluffy coat! Here she’s mostly dozing, with additional horses, camels, loyal servants, passers-by and a vulture for variety…  All sketched in a small Muji book, using grey Document ink in a Sailor 40 degree fude pen.

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Brief catch up…

Four recent urban sketches, all in Bath, all in bamboo dip-pen, and all from the big square sketchbook; George Street in the rain, double-page spread in the Forum cafe, Remembrance day in Victoria Park, and Christmas shoppers in Milsom Street. Then a fude pen portrait of our neighbour Denis, done at his request for his wife who’s recently moved into a care home.



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Sorry for the absence… Here are some sketches from a trip to Southern France in various media with watercolour washes. A sunny morning at Girona airport (drawn in brush-pen), pure watercolour studies of a mountain in the Eastern Pyrenees, looking towards Canigou over the rooftops of Perpignan (more brush-pen drawing), a VeloSolex 800 in Sharpie, and a baking hot afternoon in Collioure (bamboo dip-pen). And now back in soggy grey Bath (more dip-pen)….

P1280104 (1)arnos vale (39)

FullSizeRender (2)FullSizeRender (3)

FullSizeRender (4)


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