Summer Scilly Isles sketches

Here’s a belated collection from a June trip to the Scilly Isles, thirty miles West of Land’s End. After months of lockdown and restricted travel the trip felt oddly exotic; being in a propeller airplane helped. From the top there’s the flight out in a Twin Otter (like a flying charabanc) along the Cornish peninsular and out to sea, then various coastal/island views on Tresco, and finally Exeter airport on the way back. I’m used to being on the coast or on an island and seeing the sea wherever you go, but on the Scillies there’s also always a scattering of other islands reaching out to the horizon; very very beautiful. All done in pencil and watercolour, haven’t used ink for months now…

About Ed Mostly

Enthusiastic daily sketcher based in Bath Uk
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4 Responses to Summer Scilly Isles sketches

  1. Francesca Odell says:

    Hi Ed. How can I enlarge the sketches? I can’t see them properly. I’ve always wanted to visit the Scillies. Which island did you stay on? I hope to visit in the spring if I am still here.

    • Ed Mostly says:

      Hi Fran, you should be able to click on each image and it will open in a new window at full size. We were staying on Tresco, but whichever island you’re on they’re all very close and share the same magical light/views/nature etc. I hope you get to visit them!

  2. Douglas Elliot says:

    Beautiful sketches Ed.

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