Post lockdown park-life

Here are around 170 people enjoying fresh-air, benches, sunshine, ice-creams, solitude and company. It’s been busy busy busy in Bath’s parks, not surprising with fine weather after months of lockdown. Due to foreshortening, trying to fit them all onto the paper, and ‘artist’s license’ people look closer than they actually are in the parks. But apart from the occasional mask it does all feel strangely normal…

(all drawn with Duke Confucius fude, dipped in various inks)

arnos vale_0001 (68)arnos vale_0005 (22)arnos vale (119)arnos vale_0004 (28)arnos vale_0001 (67)arnos vale_0003 (36)arnos vale_0001 (65)arnos vale (120)arnos vale_0001 (66)arnos vale (109)arnos vale (114)

arnos vale (123)arnos vale (125)


About Ed Mostly

Enthusiastic daily sketcher based in Bath Uk
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2 Responses to Post lockdown park-life

  1. Douglas Elliot says:

    Super figures, Ed.

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