28 bench-sitters

Another collection of strangers, mostly tourists, sat on benches in the square next to Bath Abbey. They’re chatting, reading, texting, pondering, relaxing, waiting, eating ice-cream, and just watching, like me. The square’s a great place for sketching people, they usually stay still for a few minutes and are far enough away to make them simple to draw, few details to distract. oct08After 2 years of devotion to Lexington Grey I’m now enjoying two new Noodlers inks, Brown 41 and Bad Blue Heron. All three are waterproof and combine well; loaded in fountain pens, and diluted in water-brushes they make a handy sketch kit offering line, shade and colour. Pure Pens have now restocked and have bottles and bottles of fine Noodlers inks for you to try (I think they’re the only UK/European stockists?).

Noodlers water-proof inks in fountain pen and water-brush, a dash of white gouache in the top picture, A6 – about 2 minutes per figure

About Ed Mostly

Enthusiastic daily sketcher based in Bath Uk
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