In Memoriam…

Tombs, memorials and statues are another great source of patient models for sketching, so here are seven monochrome examples spanning three thousand years to finish 2014.  ‘Memento Mori’ or ‘Memento Vivere’ depending on your mood in the run up to the New Year…  First there’s a Victorian Duke’s tomb in Chester Cathedral, complete with a loyal hound resting at his feet (in the medieval style).


Then a Tudor mathematician’s memorial (inventor of the ‘equals’ sign!) and an unusually cadaverous fifteenth century tomb, both in St Mary’s Tenby.

oct01 oct02

Followed by a Bronze Age female skull in Tenby museum, and a statue of Prince Albert with a seagull perching on his head, also in Tenby.


And finally a pair of military memorials from Bath Abbey; a Civil War tomb, the faces vandalised over the years, and a bas-relief of an eighteenth century Brigadier General.

oct03steuart1Pencil, white Gelly Roll pen, Lexington grey and Brown 41 ink, white water-colour, gouache, A6 – range of times

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