More selfies

Another batch of late night selfies, including some deliberate attempts to avoid the usual self-portrait surly stare; I’m not sure that they’re any less alarming! All but one were done with my new favourite sketching tool, Kuretake brush-pens, either number 8 (plastic barrel and nylon tip), or number 40 (metal barrel and sable tip, so four times costlier).  They’ve got much better ink flow than the popular Pentel brush-pen, and a very fine and springy tip for detail and expression in line width. I ordered them from Japan and they arrived in days, with no extra customs costs. I’ve reloaded their cartridges with Lexington grey of course…

  srh07    aaaaug156    abbey7 srh12     srh08 people213   octnov1505  octnov1504 abbey3    octnov1513

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Enthusiastic daily sketcher based in Bath Uk
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4 Responses to More selfies

  1. Stu-ttg-art says:

    Ed, I like these self-portraits very much. Every one is so unique, but still reflect the same character. Am I seeing a bit of stiffness in the neck? You need to drop by the local thai-shop for a likkle neck massage 🙂 I just switched to a heavy Waterman fountain pen this moring and it’s really cramping my hand, 3 cheers for our beloved Lamy Safari!

    • Ed Mostly says:

      I can now empathise with sitters for early photo portraits, their heads held in wooden frames so they don’t move… Apparently it’s why the Victorians look like such a glum, tense bunch! The Safari is brilliant, virtually indestructible, ever reliable and easy to swap out nibs; fine German engineering? Ed

  2. Chris says:

    These are great – especially the 2nd from bottom- no pun intended! I’ve just moved to Stroud so hope to catch up with you at some point on a sketch day!

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