Analogue selfies

Um, here goes… thirty self-portraits done over the last few years, usually late evening when I can’t find anything else to sketch to keep up the daily habit… I’m really quite a cheery soul, but the combination of staring into a mirror, and doing these late at night makes me look both dour and wrecked! But self-portraits are a good discipline, and you’re sketching the one life model who shouldn’t be too offended by the results. In some of these I can see traces of family members, in others a slight inaccuracy of line angle or distance has completely altered the likeness. My weight apparently waxes and wanes between sketches, my age seems to wander from twenty to eighty, and my nose grows and shrinks. But the glasses, eye-bags and lack of hair are always the same…

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Enthusiastic daily sketcher based in Bath Uk
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15 Responses to Analogue selfies

  1. Fabulous! One of my blogs is a collaborative project on self portraits:
    I wonder if you would give me permission to share some of yours there?
    Credit given and a link back to your blog.

  2. Tina says:

    Excellent! Nothing so self-illuminating as multiple self-portraits!


  3. Viktoria says:

    I do these too, and even post them though I look crazy in them. Do you know that Winston Churchill said, on the subject of painting, “Once you begin to study it, all Nature is equally interesting and equally charged with beauty.” I think Churchill left the portraying of himself to other artists, though, so that may have been his blind spot. 😀 I love the variation in these, posted side-by-side I imagine they give a good estimate of how you really look.

  4. Kelsa says:

    The last two are very recognisably you – brilliant!

  5. rebecca says:

    This is the most awesome post of the…..ever! You are so lucky to have done this for yourself!! I do think I have a very clear idea of what you look like, 😉

    • Ed Mostly says:

      Many thanks Rebecca, the collection keeps growing so I’ll post more soonish. Do you do self-portraits? Ed

      • rebecca says:

        no Ed…..for the sake of mankind, I resist. But it is an awesome thing….I have done one now and again and am always horrified…..I did a drawing of my mom this summer and was quite pleased with the resemblance, but she wasn’t….

  6. Brilliant, Ed! Would know you anywhere! 🙂

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