Here are two of the many Bath buskers. The first is Ben Powell, an impeccable finger-style guitar player who I’ve sketched a few times before (see below). The weather’s been fine so he’s barefoot this time. I showed him the sketch and got chatting; his love of guitar started when he heard John Williams as a child.buskers1White Gelly Roll pen, Lexington grey in fountain pen and water-brush, watercolour, A6 – 20 minutes

And here’s Steve Robinson mid-song; apologies to him for the mess I’ve made of his face. I spent most of the time concentrating on the tricky hand angles; then I tried to correct the mouth and the problems escalated… Beware of over-working any part of a sketch, but especially the face!


Lexington grey in fountain pen and water-brush, watercolour, A6 – 20 minutes

1hands_0014 copy

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Enthusiastic daily sketcher based in Bath Uk
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2 Responses to Buskers

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  2. Michael says:

    Is Ben Powell still playing in Bath? His website is no longer accessible.. Thanks

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