Buskers, home and away

The large numbers of tourists visiting Bath means that it is blessed with many good street entertainers, excellent models for a quick sketch, and mostly fine performers. So here’s another collection of buskers, this time including one I saw in Japan. From the top there’s Kwabana Lindsay, a violin playing slack-rope artist who’s been performing in Bath, and around the world, for 28 years! Then Khoomiiman, a Japanese player of Mongolian music who I saw in a park in Kyoto; he was playing the horse-headed morin khuur to accompany his khoomi throat singing. Followed by several regular Bath buskers all seen on one Saturday afternoon before Christmas; Benji Ross playing the sax, Joel Grainger who plays looped violin, and Ben Powell who I’ve sketched several times before. Finally Ben, again.

jan109The usual inks in fountain pen and water-brush, white roller-ball, watercolour, A6 – about 20 minutes each?

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3 Responses to Buskers, home and away

  1. whimseytopia says:

    So I’m trying to explain the gizmo at the foot of Grainger to my husband on the phone this morning and he said that Joe Walsh used to use on of those a lot, and he agreed it’s a fascinating way to produce music. And I’m not sure you read me as closely as I read you, but I’m in the throes of learning the violin, and frankly it’s not going well. I’m having trouble with my eyesight (up close is very difficult and glasses are not helping because of the back and forth adjustment my eyes need to make in a hurry) and it’s mind boggling that Kwabana can play and walk a tightrope at the same time. Can only imagine what his eyes are doing since they’re a big part of balance. Clearly he’s not looking at the strings.

    Your posts are like an early wakeup call to my brain, and while I imagine I’m not the only one enthralled with your prodigious use of this venue to “share,” I am really becoming a big fan Ed. And I thank you. Patsye Oh yea, I also like your art, but you know that.

    • Ed Mostly says:

      Hi Patsye, Joel’s using a delay pedal, so he can ‘loop’ parts of his playing, and ends up accompanying himself. It’s a very neat skill! Kwabana’s skill is something else; he’s balancing on a ‘slack-rope’, much trickier than a ‘tight-rope’, and his gaze seems to be softly resting somewhere ahead of him. Thanks for your enthusiasm, and good luck with the violin, Ed

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