Jim1Lexington grey water-brush, pencil, white pastel, A5 – 30 minutes

Here’s Jim busy drawing when six of us met up for a Bath sketchcrawl this weekend. One of the main motivations for starting this blog was to try and meet up with local fellow sketchers; it’s taken eighteen months but it worked!  This was the first time we’d sketched together and we managed about an hour before we went for tea.

Sketchcrawls are a curious thing; you meet up and and then separate fairly fast, the sketching itself being solitary. But it’s good to see the other sketchers nearby and then share subjects, approaches, materials, chat and a drink after. Here we are at the cafe; Jim, Tim, Diana, me, Tim and Robin.

sketchmeet_9364We stayed near the Abbey and were surrounded by crowds, buskers, and Saturday shoppers. Three of us drew people, and three drew buildings; I tried to sketch my five fellow sketchers to record and celebrate the occasion, but large slow moving groups of tourists made this very tricky and I only managed the one of Jim above, the outline of Tim’s hat, and a distant view of Robin reclining on his folding chair. I look forward to our next gathering, when I’ll get straight into sketching the bigger scene, the buildings and the crowds…


About Ed Mostly

Enthusiastic daily sketcher based in Bath Uk
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