Rear windows #2

circus91White Uni Posca brush-pen, pencil, white pastel, A5 – one hour over two days

The back of the King’s Circus, Bath, drawn from a convenient bench outside the Fashion Museum. Standing in the middle of the Circus the circular terrace of symmetrical buildings is very beautiful, but as with Marlborough Buildings I prefer the slightly chaotic rear view, with drain-pipes, chimney pots, extensions and TV aerials…

Below’s the work in progress. I drew very faint lines dividing the paper into thirds to help place the key elements of the sketch; as it’s the back of a circular building the perspective is oddly exaggerated on either side. I added pencil shading and a white sky to increase the contrast, and finally some white pastel on the windows to help make the picture pop.

PS Am sketching in Bath city centre this Saturday, starting around 2pm by the Abbey’s large wooden front doors. You’re welcome to join us!




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Enthusiastic daily sketcher based in Bath Uk
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