London Calling #2

The second of three posts collecting sketches from  recent trip to London. This time, mostly museums…

To the Museum of London to pay homage to a sacred relic, Paul Simenon’s bass guitar, as smashed on the cover of London Calling. Centrepiece of a small but lovely exhibition to mark 40 years since the album came out…IMG_1193

Screen Shot 2020-02-16 at 21.14.50

Then to the British Museum. Here’s the great court in the centre of the building, seen from an upper window…arnos vale_0020 (4)

(On my last visit I was able to study Rembrandt’s ‘Young Woman Sleeping’ up close; it’s a miraculous speedy sketch made up of about 40 brushstrokes. With my nose pressed against the glass, eyeballing it from about foot away, I had a go at recreating some sections, discovering even more details in the process. Taking the occasional break to sketch other visitors to the gallery…)arnos vale (92)

In the wonderful new Islamic gallery I copied faces from a huge 1950s linocut, fascinated by the different ways Zenderoudi made up eyes, noses, mouths etc…arnos vale_0014 (4)

Then some quick sketches of netsuke in the Japanese gallery…arnos vale_0005 (17)

And finally some more of the 6 million or so annual fellow visitors.IMG_1116

About Ed Mostly

Enthusiastic daily sketcher based in Bath Uk
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