London calling #1

The first of three posts collecting sketches from a recent trip to London, all drawn with a Duke Confucius Fude pen, some onto pre-stained pages, with various washes/colours etc

Fellow passengers waiting on the opposite station platform…arnos vale (93)Myself in the window as the train sped through the evening…arnos vale_0021 (4)

Cafe customers…arnos vale (91)

My host (deepest apologies to Adrian for this shocking libel)…arnos vale_0004 (22)

And finally Londoners out and about in the city, mostly sketched from the top deck of a bus (a few in another cafe).arnos vale_0003 (28)

About Ed Mostly

Enthusiastic daily sketcher based in Bath Uk
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1 Response to London calling #1

  1. miatagrrl says:

    I love the train window selfie! What a great reward for traveling in the dark!

    – Tina

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