To Spain…

A fairly long post with the first of two sets of sketches from a recent trip. This is the Spanish batch, with the French ones to follow…

The scene at Bristol airport, drawn from an upper level, the busy crowd helping me complete the ‘100 people in one week’ challenge.P1290344

Fellow travellers boarding a nearby plane…arnos vale_0007

… and a glimpse of the clouds and landscape below while sketching the screen-watchers in the foreground.arnos vale

L’Avenc at Tavertet where we stayed, perched above the cliffs in the amazing Collsacabra landscape near Girona; a view of the old house from the terrace…arnos vale_0001

…morning clouds in the valley below…arnos vale_0002

…the view towards the distant sea from the hills above L’Avenc; spot the car arriving and leaving along the narrow track. (I revisited this view in watercolour the next day)…P1290347

… the lonely tortured artist at work, struggling with his inner demons, and the strong winds snatching at the paper, bamboo dip-pens etc.IMG_1315

Looking down at L’Avenc from a different cliff, Girona way off in the distant plain beyond the hazy hills.P1290346

The artist now grappling with the ineffable majesty of nature, paint, flying insects etc…IMG_1282

…and the resulting watercolour, no ink or bamboo dip-pens in sight. The rain clouds approaching from the left arrived while I was painting, hence the unusual mottled sky effect!P1290343

(We stayed at L’Avenc last summer when I was exploring gouache and coloured pencils and mostly sketched the dramatic cliffs below the house…)


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Enthusiastic daily sketcher based in Bath Uk
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11 Responses to To Spain…

  1. miatagrrl says:

    Wow, stunning sketches! Argghhh, that photo makes my head swim!

  2. Francesca Odell says:

    Such beautiful drawing/paintings Ed. My stomach lurched!

  3. Doug Elliot says:

    Beautiful work Ed.

  4. David Prynn says:

    Great sketches,full of life,have only just found your work,and am very impressed, do you use a brush pen?

    Get Outlook for iOS _____________________________

    • Ed Mostly says:

      Thanks for the comment. I’ve used brush pens a lot in the past, and there’s a page on the blog devoted to my explorations with them, but currently it’s the bamboo dip-pen that’s my favourite.

  5. David Prynn says:

    Get Outlook for iOS ________________________________

  6. gabriel says:

    Beatiful catalonian views ! Ed, you’re a master!
    Wich resolution do you use for your scanning process?

  7. Nick says:

    Amazing stuff, thank you for sharing.

  8. Paul K says:

    These are really lovely.

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