More inky people…

All sketched in Bath, and all in bamboo dip-pen. From the top there’s Seb Guettier busking by the Baths, then Justin Towell busking by the Abbey, Saturday crowds observed from outside a cafe, and finally sketching amongst the chimneys up on the roof terrace at Hall and Wodehouse with Emily, Gome and Charlotte (pigeons and a helicopter overhead).

There are easier pens to use, but I keep returning to the idiosyncratic quirks and saturated lines of the bamboo dip-pen. I recommend trying one out as they’re very cheap, but make sure you smooth the tip with very fine sandpaper before using a shop-bought one or else scritchy scratchy dismay will result… (see also my modification to improve ink flow).IMG_0400IMG_0379IMG_0383IMG_0381

About Ed Mostly

Enthusiastic daily sketcher based in Bath Uk
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4 Responses to More inky people…

  1. miatagrrl says:

    Wonderful sketches as always, Ed! You’re rockin’ that bamboo…

    – Tina

  2. Gome says:

    These are awesome Ed! Was great sketching with you. Look forward to doing it again sometime..

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