Inky people

Five recent sketches using a bamboo dip-pen for juicy inky lines (which go grey when you blot them). From the top there’s the Saturday market in Stroud (mmm, delicious Portuguese pastries), Seb Guettier busking by Bath Abbey (apologies for the shrinking legs and violin sized guitar case), Bath rugby supporters queuing for the bus home (they’d won), visitors to the Roman baths enjoying the world through tiny screens, and masked animal rights protesters showing scenes from abattoirs on tablets. All human life is here, well, some of it…

SMF364 St S19031012482SMF364 St S19031012480P1280970P1290021P1280821

About Ed Mostly

Enthusiastic daily sketcher based in Bath Uk
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7 Responses to Inky people

  1. Whoa, first thing I thought was, Dude is good…. and then I thought – I have to go out and practice People!! Thank you for the inspiration! I have to get back to my blog, Instagram is fun, but a bit easy……..that being said, wish you were there to follow!

  2. oldgreyandworkinghard says:

    absolutely love these

  3. Alperen says:

    Hello, can we use a drawing for our fanzine(we distribute all of them free) ?

  4. These are so great! You live in a place with such interesting architecture! “Enjoying the world through tiny screens” oof!

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