Analogue and digital in London

Sketches from a trip to London, including trying out a new entry level iPad with Apple Pencil for drawing (I’m using Paper by 53 as the sketching app; it’s very basic in options so not too distracting with choices, but responsive enough to be expressive).

The view on the train to London. Resisting the urge to ‘undo’ is tricky with the iPad. Years of sketching in ink helps, but…


Looking down from the stairs that wrap around the central rotunda in the British Museum (sketched with the Confucius fude pen). The totem poles were being carved in 1850, around the time the museum was being built.arnos vale (66)

The view looking South from Parliament Hill sketched on the iPad. It looks a bit washed out, and I’ve been using black for my lines since then.Paper.Sketches.2

(Here’s the same view sketched in bamboo dip-pen with watercolour last summer…)P1280075 (2)

A few individuals seen about town, sketched on the iPad.

My reflection in the window opposite, on a rattling and swaying tube train from Oxford Circus to Paddington, on the way home (Sailor fude pen).arnos vale (15)

And finally fellow passengers and pigeon waiting in Paddington station (sketched with the trusty fude pen)…


About Ed Mostly

Enthusiastic daily sketcher based in Bath Uk
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7 Responses to Analogue and digital in London

  1. gabriel says:

    Beatiful drawings!! I enjoy your drawings with people!!

  2. Michael says:

    Great work with the iPad. I also use one with Procreate but haven’t done anything in pleine air. I mostly start an illustration in the comfort of my home and keep on adding to it from day to day whenever I have some spare time. I find it’s a very flexible medium allowing me to erase with ease, add layers and change the size of my canvas. However I should try to use it outside like you. Your results are very good and seem to be completed quickly (eg, train ride to London). You seem to use it just as you would a piece of paper. Wonderful work; kee it up.

    • Ed Mostly says:

      Thanks Michael, It seems good for busy places as most people assume I’m doing the usual iPad things, not sketching… Canvas size is limited with Paper app, but as I’m just using it for smaller sketches this won’t be a problem. I think the master of iPad sketching is Rob Sketcherman, an Urban Sketcher in Hong kong. Well worth checking out his work.

  3. Tansy Roake says:

    These are incredible!

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