Room with a view, and coffee

Sketches over time (three years?) of the same pedestrianised street seen from above. All were sketched from the same cafe, which has changed hands during this period, but still offers the clearest view of a long busy street in Bath. I love the challenge of capturing the busy-ness, the mix of group and individual shapes and gestures, and the scene receding down the gentle hill. The first is drawn using two fude ink-pens, one is in bamboo dip-pen, the rest in ink-brush. (The final one is from the same cafe but looking out a different window onto a different street.)

P1280210lecture21ksjdhf13P1280185 (1)picnic331

About Ed Mostly

Enthusiastic daily sketcher based in Bath Uk
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5 Responses to Room with a view, and coffee

  1. Yul K says:

    I especially like the penultimate one – a striking viewpoint and nice gradient of colors!

  2. MariaHopp says:

    4th one is my favorite, I feel like it really captures the mood, it makes me feel like I’m sitting there.

  3. Great Ed! For someone like me, who can’t draw at all haha It’s beautiful!

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