Edding 30 marker pen

I’ve used marker pens before, reloaded with different inks, with some  mixed  results. I tried a new one when I went to London last week. The bold lines were great for very fast sketches, and the ink is water-based (so doesn’t ‘bleed through’ the page), fast drying and waterproof. If only Edding did a version with grey ink…  So here are some crows, a friend sketching, bored police, tube travellers, and a band that includes a 97 year old clarinettist! (See James Hobbs for more marker pen views of London).

fgfg12b1fgfg11fgfg12fgfg09Black Edding 30 marker pen, dilute Lexington grey, Brown 41 and Namiki blue in water-brush, watercolour for the police vests, and white crayon, A5 – about 15 mins each

About Ed Mostly

Enthusiastic daily sketcher based in Bath Uk
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