Swedish birds

A collection of birds seen in Stockholm. First there are two sketches from the Biologiska Museet, a beautiful wooden Victorian museum full of dioramas populated by stuffed animals who’ll hold a pose for as long as you need (the first picture looks like a scene from Peter and the Wolf). Then there are some quick brush impressions of the geese that strut around Skansen, the large outdoor museum. Then some ducks and pigeons, alive this time, seen when out sketching with Nina (the tiny figure sat on the stool). And finally a family of swans and something flying, seen from a ferry out to the islands.


birds2birds3birds4birds5All the usual media (Lexington grey ink, pencil, water-colour) and a variety of times and sizes. I’m also using a new paper, Saunders and Waterford ‘High White’, which gives much truer colour reproduction, more on this in another post…

About Ed Mostly

Enthusiastic daily sketcher based in Bath Uk
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2 Responses to Swedish birds

  1. whimseytopia says:

    I also have turned to a bright white even though I find little difference in the texture of what papers I can find in North Carolina. Arches and Kilimanjaro mostly. Really enjoy your sketches.

  2. Ed Mostly says:

    Hi Patsye, thanks for the comment, I’ve never heard of Kilimanjaro. The whiter paper makes my previous favourite (Fabriano Artistico) look oddly yellow; I miss the amazingly smooth Fabriano hot-press though… Ed

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