38 boats

While in Stockholm we caught a ferry to Grinda, one of 30,000 (!) islands in the surrounding archipelago. We swam in the warm Baltic and I tried to sketch the many pleasure craft that passed. As most were going fairly fast I ended up with a collection of tiny one minute drawings, I added the shade and colour later. Some of the speed boats managed to tick every box on my list of general irritants: noisy, hurried, expensive, ostentatious, wasteful, and driven by yahoos imposing their idea of a good time on everyone else, harrumph. Which meant the silent, slow, cheap, modest and resourceful kayakers were all Good People, probably.

boats1Pencil, Lexington grey water-brush, watercolour, A6 – 20 minutes

boats2White Gelly Roll pen, Lexington grey water-brush, watercolour, A6 – 20 minutes

The sketches have ended up looking like 1950’s wallpaper for boys (examples from the internet below, not my work!), I think the colour’s to blame….wallpaper4wallpaper5wallpaper3wallpaper1

About Ed Mostly

Enthusiastic daily sketcher based in Bath Uk
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5 Responses to 38 boats

  1. Jim says:

    Master Of Kit, I bow to your precision and speed (and psychedelic musical tastes!).

  2. whimseytopia says:

    Liked them all; especially wallpaper 3

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