More foul weather so some domestic sketching in the kitchen; oils, spices and condiments on a recessed shelf, and all-sorts on a work-top. I used a broad fountain pen for the line, but loaded with dilute grey ink so it doesn’t dominate. I enjoyed drawing the collection of different jars and bottles, mistakes on individual items get lost in the overall effect…



Both pictures done using Lamy Safari ‘B’ nib and water-brush with dilute Lexington grey, watercolour, A6 – 15 minutes

About Ed Mostly

Enthusiastic daily sketcher based in Bath Uk
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3 Responses to Saucy

  1. Tina Koyama says:

    I like the look of the broad nib. Is that soy sauce in front??

    – Tina

  2. Ed Mostly says:

    Well spotted Tina, it’s Kikkoman! In between a jar of bright yellow English mustard and a bottle of Worcestershire sauce. When I started sketching I was always looking for a finer and finer jet black line, but now the broad nibs appeal. I’ve just started using a bamboo dip pen which works particularly well; I’ll post some results soon. Ed

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