Marlborough light


1mm Pigma pen, white and blue Uni Posca brush markers, Lexington grey water-brush, dilute blue and brown ink for roof and chimneys, A5 – 30 mins line drawing on location, 20 mins adding ink washes and colour at home

Wet and windy weather has meant my sketching hasn’t been very urban recently, mostly domestic and interior… During a sunny spell I walked down to Marlborough Buildings, built in the mid Eighteenth century, reputedly as a wind-break for the adjacent Royal Crescent (here’s the location in Google Streetview). I’ve drawn the typically symmetrical Bath-stone street facade, but like most of the grand terraces and crescents in Bath the most interesting view is really at the back. Here centuries of additions and extensions have created a beautifully chaotic scene, seven stories high in places. Next time I’ll sketch the rear view, seen in the 1970’s in the photograph below. 


(Photo from Bath In Time)

About Ed Mostly

Enthusiastic daily sketcher based in Bath Uk
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3 Responses to Marlborough light

  1. Sherry says:

    Looks amazing! Fantastic clarity on large screen – like the way paper texture enhances overall look of the Bath stone. Really love the style of this one Ed.

    • Ed Mostly says:

      Thanks Sherry. The coloured paper works well for Bath stone (it’s hand-made Indian Khadi paper) but the texture wrecked the felt tip… Fountain pen next time! Ed

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