Travel thumbnails #2, trains

You can see so many subjects for a sketch when travelling, but you’re usually moving past too fast for anything detailed… I’ve been trying quick thumbnail sketches when on the move and gouache seems perfect for capturing the basic shapes and colours speeding by. It’s a good test for your dexterity with a portable sketch kit and very good practise for your short-term visual memory!

My first go at these travel thumbnails was from a car a month ago, so here are some from trains, all very small on the page. Airplane thumbnails will follow shortly; planes, trains and automobiles in reverse.

plane_0002Four rural views near Bath while heading East on the train to London.

Gouache, A6

mini thumbs1mini thumbs2mini thumbs3mini thumbs4And four views from the Newport to Chester train, moving through sunshine and rain as I head North. Pre-drawing the window frames helped, along with coloured paper.

Blue Pigma pen, water-brush with Lexington grey ink, gouache, A7?

About Ed Mostly

Enthusiastic daily sketcher based in Bath Uk
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1 Response to Travel thumbnails #2, trains

  1. The same issue I faced earlier this year while travelling across Canada on the train…the glimpses are so fleeting…a real test for quick observation.

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