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Toys again

Toys and models are ever-reliable subjects for a quick drawing. You can arrange them how you like, getting a range of angles rarely available in the real world. They’ve also removed any unnecessary details, doing most of the simplification needed for a sketch! Lexington … Continue reading

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Yet more toys

It’s cold and dark outside, but there are always toys to draw…. Here’s Henry (a mild mannered janitor), some Airfix 1:72 scale knights, a Playmobil vulture, a shire-horse, a grass-hopper, and The Thing from the Fantastic Four. Pencil, Lexington grey in fountain pen and water-brush, … Continue reading

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toys R me

Here are four Britain’s cowboy figures, three views of a horse, and various robots enjoying some ‘circle time’. Toy figures are great sketching subjects; they’ve already been simplified as part of their miniaturisation, helping you see the key shapes and structures, … Continue reading

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One lump or two?

Pencil, fountain pen and water-brush with Lexington grey, wine stain, A6 – 20 minutes Water-brush with Lexington grey, A5 – 10 minutes A new favourite toy model animal, the familiar but strange Dromedary (the one-humped camel of Africa, Arabia etc). It has the strong curves … Continue reading

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4 cars, 2 lorries, 2 vans, a bus and a jeep

After a Christmas hiatus on the blog here are some old toys, mostly Matchbox and Whizzwheels, chipped and worn after years of play in the 70’s. Drawing these was good practise for full-size vehicles around town, especially getting those tricky wheel ellipses … Continue reading

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A toad, a giraffe, two elephants and a Gorgonite

Toy figures are well-behaved models, holding their poses indefinitely. They also give the opportunity to sketch rarely seen creatures, and from unusual angles. Broad dip pen with Carbon black ink, water brush with dilute Carbon black ink, A5 White Uni … Continue reading

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