Lockdown sketches #3: botanical

Having more time to watch the loveliest Spring I can remember means I’ve been drawing more plant life.  Weeds like ivy and bindweed and sticky weed caught my eye at first; I love the way they’re creeping and covering. But old trees, magnolias, wisteria and cauliflowers have their own sinuous charms… (spot the mosquito that nearly bit me while drawing the wisteria…) Mostly inks, with a bit of water-colour

About Ed Mostly

Enthusiastic daily sketcher based in Bath Uk
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4 Responses to Lockdown sketches #3: botanical

  1. Stuart says:

    amazing, speachless … I am so happy to see your work expanding like this, congrats!

    • Stuart says:

      I should have said, ” … so happy to see your work branching out like this” … 😀

      • Ed Mostly says:

        Many thanks, an area of fascination that is definitely ‘blossoming’…! Appreciating natural forms and lines has been one of the unexpected gifts from all the upheaval and uncertainty and stress of the virus lockdown. And they’re much stiller subjects than my usual favourites…

  2. Graham Morris says:

    Botanical detail drawings are superb, as you say, more time means you are not squeezing in a drawing, a cup of coffee, piece of carrot cake and having to keep an eye on your watch. Great studies. The stress disappears with a pen and a brush. Stay fit. Graham

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