Blue and gold

Five more sketches on pre-coloured paper, with blue and golden yellow backgrounds this time, the idea being to approximate skies and Bath stone, ish. I used the same process of drawing with the juicy fude pen, and then adding the greys and whites to build tone and contrast (as with the other ones I’ve posted recently). I’ve also used a bit of blue/golden yellow watercolour to extend the colour field out, or to add sky/buildings/lights into the sketches (and hot pink for the sitar case!). The overall effect can be a bit extreme but is fun to explore…

All the locations are in Bath; from the top there’s Walcot House cafe, then Kingsmead Square, a sitar busker by the Abbey, a general view of ‘Abbey Churchyard’, and finally looking down Stall Street.arnos vale (84)arnos vale_0006 (12)arnos vale_0001 (49)arnos vale_0005 (13)arnos vale_0002 (27)

About Ed Mostly

Enthusiastic daily sketcher based in Bath Uk
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1 Response to Blue and gold

  1. libbywalkup says:

    Hello! I lived in Bath for a year 2008-09 and these sketches bring me so much joy. I’m always thinking of ways to come back.

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