Sketchers sketching sketchers sketching

Had a great day sketching with Gary Yeung (visiting the UK from Hong Kong) and Jim (visiting central Bath from Oldfield Park); we met for a similar sketchcrawl last year, posted here. Three sketchers sketching their immediate environment together led to the usual hall of mirrors effect, with sketchers sketching sketchers etc.! I love seeing the different approaches we took for exactly the same scene; different details, focal points, media, line weight, palette… Jim’s approach is very ‘painterly’, with a clear focus on tone and shade, while Gary’s is more illustrative, clear line and strong colour.

Rain forced us to start the day in a cinema cafe… I drew the general scene, taking various liberties with perspective and scale to fit more people in and to enable the viewer to see further into and around the space.P1280570

Me, enthusing about the Duke Confucius fude pen…37978065_10156868974725676_1104398042133430272_n

Here’s Gary’s sketch of me and Jim…38046124_1431855826915822_6825997450587668480_n

Jim’s drawing of me painting.Ed-sketching-_sketchtesting_2552

After a typical sketchers lunch (brief mouthfuls of sandwich in between chat about inks, palettes, art books, paper etc) the rain gave up, so we sketched outside a pub in central Bath. I managed to get Gary and Jim into my sketch this time, along with my patient dog and sundry passers-by, drinkers, drinks, seagulls etc.P1280571

Gary’s view, he’d switched to pencil…38010921_1431767560257982_5895246946276212736_n

Jim’s drawing of the cafe and

Group photo! I’m looking forward to our next meet-up, either in Bath, or Cardiff, or Hong Kong, or Amsterdam..?37987880_10156868970640676_6540600133648646144_n

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Enthusiastic daily sketcher based in Bath Uk
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3 Responses to Sketchers sketching sketchers sketching

  1. miatagrrl says:

    Looks fun! YES to Amsterdam!

    – Tina

  2. Arton says:

    Inspiring as always. 3 very talented artists. As a watercolourist, I particularly like Gary’s use of color, washes, wet-in-wet technique & bare paper in his color sketch – vibrant! I wonder if he is familiar with/inspired by the work of American watercolorist, Charles Reid? The writing on the signs particularly impressed me — am I the only person to struggle capturing such details? Perhaps the ink pen is mightier than the brush? 🙂

    Jim’s sketch of Gary really captures him (from what I see in the photo anyway!).Portraits .are a real challenge. You all seem able to capture such complex scenes,with considerable detail, quickly – I tend to look for simpler subjects.

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