The great indoors

A current theme, mostly driven by the weather, is cafe sketching. The busier the cafe the better, partly to give me more subjects to draw, but also to make my large sketchbook/bamboo dip-pen set-up slightly less conspicuous… All are in Bath, incorporating varying degrees of ‘natural/wonky perspective’, and almost all are in dip-pen. Then 16 other fairly recent cafe/pub sketches.



About Ed Mostly

Enthusiastic daily sketcher based in Bath Uk
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6 Responses to The great indoors

  1. Arton says:

    Love the cafe pictures. The subject seems intimidatingly complicated but you have captured it in a way that looks inexplicably simple, fresh and free. Beautiful. Bath is a beautiful place and you really capture it well. Love the idea of “wonky perspective” – real perspective can really cut out a lot of interesting, desirable content, artistic license. Happy new year Ed 😉

    • Ed Mostly says:

      Many thanks for the kind comments, I think it’s the complication/level of complexity that makes these ones fun to do; there’s so much going on that any errors just fade into the general chaos! And the perspective will be an area of fun exploration for a long time I think, so many approaches to try… Happy New Year

  2. These are really great. The fluidity of the line is very much in touch with all the movement of the people. Its great fun to explore all the people in each of them.

  3. gabriel says:

    I would draw like you!
    This year 2018 one of my main – and procastinated – objectives will be improving my drawing of human body……but drawing like you….may be in reincarnation…..Beatiful drawings ED!
    Best regards from Barcelona…..

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