Some fillums…

Trying out timelapse sketching, using this goose-neck camera mount and this type of GoPro camera (when it was even cheaper!) which has a 170 degree very wide-angle lens. The films are fun to do, and an interesting way to reflect on your sketching process/approach/bad habits etc. The top one was done using a new ‘Franken-pen’ which combines a bamboo dip-pen at one end, and a water-brush at the other; I can dip both into the ink-pot (top right) for line and tone with minimal disruption to the ‘flow’ of drawing. Ridiculous looking, but it seems to work well!

First, a busy Sunday afternoon by Bath Abbey…

arnos vale (26).jpg

Second, a busy afternoon at the Roman Baths…

arnos vale (25)

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Enthusiastic daily sketcher based in Bath Uk
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10 Responses to Some fillums…

  1. Robin Netzer says:

    What fun! these videos have saved me and my long work afternoon. Thank you Ed.

  2. miatagrrl says:

    I love your videos! You and Mike Daikubara are making good use of the GoPro — finally a use that doesn’t make me dizzy! 😉 And your Frankenpenbrush! You are a master of the hack, Dr. Mostly!

    – Tina

  3. Susie says:

    Really great. Brings back good memories. I love what you did here.
    I went to a vintage car show yesterday, which was fun but people kept walking in front of the cars, which was tricky as I kept working on another part of the car and it wasn’t easy to join up the parts. In the end I went back to drawing people. It was Canada day so everyone was dressed in red which was great as I rarely use the red in my paintbox!

  4. headblog1 says:

    Love the videos, although I couldn’t get them to play and had to scroll through them.

  5. Biral says:

    Love this – what pen were you using?

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