A country walk…

Some Springtime rural sketching, mostly colour, with an intense black and white interlude. I’d set off across the fields to sketch Shotwick graveyard with its toppling stones and collapsing tombs, but ended up getting distracted en route, drawing pylons and a shady farmyard… This left only forty minutes to sketch at the church but I think this reduced time helped the final sketches; less is more for sketching?

arnos vale_0002

arnos vale_0001 (6)

arnos vale (8)

About Ed Mostly

Enthusiastic daily sketcher based in Bath Uk
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10 Responses to A country walk…

  1. Susie says:

    Great sketches. It’s easy to think that pylons ‘spoil’ the countryside but they are interesting to draw so that’s a benefit to artists. I still probably wouldn’t want one in my backyard though. I like the b/w sketch of the farmyard, it’s very effective. I ended up drawing quite a few churches and graveyards as Reuben found he could play the piano inside. It’s a challenge to get the height of the spires on the page. I like the way you pushed the church back. It was great to sketch with you. We are back now on our little island.

    • Ed Mostly says:

      The high tension wires also hum very strongly. I had to pitch a tent under one a few years ago and didn’t sleep much… I think people living near them have associated higher levels of brain tumours? I like the image of Reuben playing the church organ while you’re outside sketching; perfect combination! I went to your blog address but it looks a little ‘dormant’. Will you be using it to post sketches?

  2. Cathy says:

    I love how rich the colors look in your sketches! The black and white sketch really captures a sense of place too. The middle sketch with tombstones has a composition to it that that is very pleasing to look at. I know you added paints to your palette, but I am unable to find the post again. Would you repost your new coices? How did you obtain the depth of color? Thanks Ed!

  3. miatagrrl says:

    I love those power towers! I look for power lines and poles to sketch whenever I can, but big ones like those you sketched are not too common in the city. . . I guess I’d better try the country!

    – Tina

  4. Yul Kang says:

    I agree that less can be more for sketches. I’ve recently been enjoying a meet-up where we gather and sketch with a time limit. That helps us cut extraneous thoughts and get on drawing.

    I like the green on the wires. Looks almost like vines are trying to take over the tower.

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