Old friends

I’m very fortunate to have three friends that I’ve known since early childhood; it’s wonderful to be able to share such a long perspective on our intertwined lives. We met this weekend to celebrate Si’s 50th birthday with a walk through the Cotswolds, and a few drinks. I sketched in coloured pencil while we walked through the woods, occasionally stumbling over tree roots… (adding the light wash when we stopped) and also at the destination pub with my trusty bamboo dip-pen. Many apologies to all three subjects for the portraits, but especially to Steve for the tiny arms. Many happy returns!


About Ed Mostly

Enthusiastic daily sketcher based in Bath Uk
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4 Responses to Old friends

  1. Viktoria Berg says:

    Drawing while walking sounds perilous! At least you weren´t dipping… 😉 What a treasure to have friendship like that. It looks like you caught some of their character here (I say boldly, without knowing them).

  2. Douglas says:

    You have captured a great likeness of my father from behind. I have heard that it happens to most sons. I do think you have captured a likeness of our posture and gait.

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