Three corners

Three sketches of the wonderfully ornate Victorian building on the corner of Westgate and Union Street in Bath. There’s about a year between each sketch, the most recent at the top, with a shift from fountain pen to bamboo dip-pen, and a steady increase in colour as I add watercolour and move from Lexington Grey to the technicolor world of De Atramentis inks. Next attempt I’ll try to include the top and the bottom in the same sketch…


About Ed Mostly

Enthusiastic daily sketcher based in Bath Uk
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6 Responses to Three corners

  1. Jules says:

    Really interesting to see your different approaches to the same subject over time. I like the De Atramentis colours very much.

  2. Stu-ttg-art says:

    Ed, colour becomes you!

  3. Hello, browsing thru an old Bath Magazine I came across the interview with you. I have added you to my blogroll! Virginia

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