Scrolling sketch

My clever friend Jim (who has an excellent art blog) showed me how to display photos of a concertina sketchbook as a continuous image. I haven’t quite got the colour/lightness matching correct across the photos, but the overall effect is close to the actual book, which I filled during a three day walk in the Mendips. It should be ‘read’ from left to right, and includes: the car journey to the drop-off point, leafy lanes, crows in a field, fellow walkers, the view from the top of the Cheddar Gorge, my daughter deep in her book, a Thai meal, the steps up the other side of the Gorge, wild goats, cows in a field, wild horses, fresh tea in the woods, fellow diners at the B+B (human and spider), more wild horses, more cows, views across the Somerset Levels, a fellow at lunch, and the train home. The concertina format suits sketching on journeys, increasing the  sense of narrative flow between separate images, but I need to work on smoothing the transitions from panel to panel… Further below is the full book. (NOTE: iPad/iPhone etc users might have to ‘drag’ the image for it to scroll)


Mostly pencil and watercolour


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Enthusiastic daily sketcher based in Bath Uk
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8 Responses to Scrolling sketch

  1. ckaltoft says:

    So how did you do the scrolling sketch image Ed? It looks great and this is something I’ve struggled with. I looked at the blog you linked to but couldn’t see it (couldn’t find an index).

  2. Nicola says:

    I don’t see a scrolling image. Just individual images. Perhaps because I’m viewing in the WordPress reader? (on a PC though not a phone)

  3. Jim says:

    The scrolling pics will only appear for viewers at the site itself, not in a feed reader. I’ve posted instructions how to make your own scrolling pics here:

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