En Route

imageimageTwo wide-angle train carriage views, one heading North to Manchester for the Symposium, and the other heading home. Both were done in a concertina sketchbook, and stretched across the table while I sketched. I asked the passengers if they were OK with me drawing them, and they were fine, mildly interested to see the results but otherwise indifferent; must remember to ask more often! I just managed to capture the man putting his luggage on the rack, but spot the ghostly ticket inspector in the second one, she moved too fast… The first was done with a bamboo dip-pen, and the second with coloured pencil; both finished with watercolour. I’ll post more about the dip-pen soon, and the vital non-spill ink bottle. And much to post from the wonderful Symposium too. About 40 minutes each.

(No musical hyperlink in this post, I’m working on an iPad, which is painful enough already…)

About Ed Mostly

Enthusiastic daily sketcher based in Bath Uk
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2 Responses to En Route

  1. Viktoria says:

    Great sketches! I have that same experience: very few people care what I do when sketching or if I draw them. I am looking forward to seeing your non-spill bottle, I have not dared to go out with a dip pen.

    • Ed Mostly says:

      Thanks Viktoria. The key to ‘non-spill’ is to mostly fill the bottle with a piece of sponge, which the ink soaks into. When you press the pen onto the sponge it releases the ink for the rip. I use it with a fairly blunt bamboo dippen, but it should work with a normal nib. I’ll post photos etc soon.

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