Funchal museum

Back to Madeira with some sketches from the Frederico de Freitas museum in Funchal. A small ivory carving (with a lamb on the shoulder and one on the knee, St Agnes?), figures on tiles, and a C19th engraving of Madeira printed in negative. I could have happily spent hours sketching the animated blue figures on their many Delft tiles, carefully following the economical and expressive brush-strokes, all fixed in glaze 300 years ago (“The Delft potters made tiles in vast numbers, estimated at eight hundred million over a period of two hundred years”!).

funchal22914Derwent Inktense pencil, watercolour, A5 – 20 mins

april16fdfbh1Noodlers Brown 41 and Namiki blue ink in Kuretake #8 brush-pen, watercolour, A5 – 30 mins

funchal22916White gel pen, A5 – 30 mins

About Ed Mostly

Enthusiastic daily sketcher based in Bath Uk
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2 Responses to Funchal museum

  1. Helena says:

    Hello 😀 Thank you very much for your drawings held in the House-Museum Frederico de Freitas (Funchal – Madeira).

    The Team House Museum loved and thanks

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