City life

People about town; waiting for the lights to change so they can cross the road (excellent fast sketching opportunity, the tableau changes every couple of minutes…), watching a busker (the violin playing slack-rope walker I’ve sketched before, see below), dodging a heavy rain shower, and enjoying the current Grayson Perry exhibition. The brush-pen’s liberated me to do many more of these ‘on-the-go’ sketches, leaning against a wall, trying to catch the key shapes of life flowing past, great fun!





Lexington grey in Kuretake #8 and water-brush, water-colour, A5 – various times

About Ed Mostly

Enthusiastic daily sketcher based in Bath Uk
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2 Responses to City life

  1. Jim says:

    Love the umbrella gestures. Something of the Hokusai manga about them…

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