Six left hands

All the lines were done in brush-pen, loaded with various water-proof inks; Noodlers Brown 41 (the first four), Noodlers Lexington grey (the fifth), and Carbon black (the last). The warm brown ink suits the subject best, merging with the colour wash at times, and the blue paper adds a deathly hue… I’m trying to use stronger water-colour washes, as they always dry weaker, and not just relying on grey for shadows.

fghsfgsr1fghsfgs05fghsfgs02fghsfgs04Kuretake ink-brushes with various inks, watercolour, A5 – about 20 mins each hand

About Ed Mostly

Enthusiastic daily sketcher based in Bath Uk
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5 Responses to Six left hands

  1. rebecca says:

    so so good! hands are my favorite!

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  3. Dangem says:

    Thanks sir this hands is what i’ve been looking for, im not really good in the details of hand I always get more erasures because I cant get the lines in the hands.

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