Pulteney Bridge

Sketches of Pulteney Bridge and weir in the centre of Bath. In the first one a river trip’s about to set off, and a red sight-seeing bus has just crossed the bridge; the tourist season is waking up. The close-up of the weir is from 2013 when I was first discovering dilute grey ink, building up layers of tone. And the last sketch is from 2012, when I’d been sketching for a year, and was just using black ink and watercolour.

weir1weir111 shoes4weir2Lexington grey in fountain pen and water-brush, watercolour, A5 – various times

bridge1111Carbon black ink in fountain pen, watercolour, A5 – 20 mins

About Ed Mostly

Enthusiastic daily sketcher based in Bath Uk
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4 Responses to Pulteney Bridge

  1. pulsey99 says:

    Love these. Reminds me of sitting on a bench by the river in the middle of winter, munching a toasted sarnie from one of those little cafe’s on the bridge.

  2. Fab sketches one of my favourite landmarks in Bath!

  3. Fab sketches. One of my favourite Bath landmarks!

  4. Ed Mostly says:

    Thanks Jules, it’s a good spot, with a lovely continuous roar from the weir. Ed

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