Holy Week in Cordoba

Six Semana Santa processions in Cordoba, great practise for drawing spectators! Each one was subtly different, reflecting the brotherhood they represented; the colours of the pointed hoods, the scenes depicted on the floats, the specific music played. But all shared the thick clouds of incense, the huge crowds watching and photographing, and the wonderful marching bands.


They slowly processed through the narrow streets of the old town, the Court of Oranges and the Mezquita.


I sketched the crowds while we were waiting, estimating the possible position of the floats, and then drew very fast to catch them as they went by. I managed line drawings on the spot, and added the shade and colour once the procession had passed…


Children rushed out to collect dripping wax from the long candles carried by the ‘Nazarenes/penitents’. The pointed hoods are hard to see out of, hence the hand held up to the face, pushing the fabric back.

easter22Pencil, ink, paint, A5 – various times

About Ed Mostly

Enthusiastic daily sketcher based in Bath Uk
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5 Responses to Holy Week in Cordoba

  1. Congrats, a real semana santa vibe, although their progress is slow(ish), those nazarenos are always moving (hello mum, adjusting hat/candle etc) brilliantly captured!

  2. Ed Mostly says:

    Very kind, thanks Iva. Next time I’ll add the clouds of incense; it was rising so thickly above the streets that you could see where the processions were! Ed

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  4. melisnorth says:

    These are so awesome Ed, really atmospheric. I do find those hooded processions creepy though. Must have been amazing to be there.

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