Street parking

More cars parked up on Bath streets. I didn’t use the acetate grid for these, but did have to work hard to get the relative size of the receding cars correct, to see what was there and not what I thought I could see. In the first picture I’m looking down the hill, but the cars still rise up the page! Here’s a short article about ways of seeing.

cloud11cloud12Lexington grey in fountain pen and water-brush, watercolour, A5 – 30 minutes each

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Enthusiastic daily sketcher based in Bath Uk
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10 Responses to Street parking

  1. Both very successful, and a nice link: I’m often caught drawing something that in reality is curving upwards, downwards, if that makes sense!

  2. Ed Mostly says:

    Hi Iva, thanks, if I could see the horizon it might help! I like your Longines drawing, great detail. Ed

  3. melisnorth says:

    Hi Ed, I saw that the next international sketch crawl is on april 25. Do you know of anything going on in Bath/Bristol for it? It’d be great to meet up!

    • Ed Mostly says:

      Hi Mel, I’ve just had an email from Jules ( who’s setting up an urban sketching group in Bristol with Charlotte. They’re organising a sketchcrawl the day after the International day, Sunday 26th, and I’m going to try to get along. So maybe see you there?

      • melisnorth says:

        Sundays are more difficult for me than Saturdays (darned public transport) so I might have to miss that one and hope it becomes a regular event that I can come to sometime.

      • Ed Mostly says:

        Alas! I’m sure it’ll become regular, and I’ll let you know about any other Bath meet-ups; bound to be some soon as Spring is sprung. Ed

  4. Rowena says:

    Great link – really interesting how differently people process an image. Also the example of the cars going down (but up) the hill really useful example of the need to really look at lines – even if it hurts my head with all the concentration!

  5. Ed Mostly says:

    Hi Rowena, it is an odd effect. I try to reference any lines I’m drawing to an imaginary pure horizontal or vertical, estimating the actual angle needed and overriding my thinking. I think training and trusting this override is the key to convincing sketches! Ed

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