Wales, Waves

Two sketches of waves, from a summer trip to Pembrokeshire, South Wales. The first is from the coastal path high above Manorbier beach looking down on the surfers in the incoming tide. The second is at the water’s edge at Swanlake Bay, with smaller waves lapping over the rocks.  The Uni Posca markers are great for strong opaque coloured lines, and very handy for fast sketching. Studying waves can be befuddling and hypnotic, but patterns and rhythms gradually emerge (Danny Gregory has a great post describing this experience).


Uni Posca white marker, water-brush with Lexington grey ink, and watercolour, A5 

the Dak_0003

White, blue and grey Uni Posca marker pens, water-brush with Lexington grey, A5

About Ed Mostly

Enthusiastic daily sketcher based in Bath Uk
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5 Responses to Wales, Waves

  1. Especially the first one is so alive that i can feel the waves myself. It is a beautiful rendering in a limited medium like sketch.

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