Mosques at night

I was in Istanbul during Ramadan which meant the streets, squares and mosques were busy till late at night, with families breaking their day’s fast and socialising. I could wander around the centre of the old town as part of a festive crowd. The coloured paper and white marker pens worked well for low light sketching.

mosques at night3

The Blue Mosque isn’t, but it is here. It has a beautiful cascade of domes and a lovely arcade running around the main courtyard.

White marker pen, water-brush with Lexington grey ink, gouache, A5

mosques at night2

The Suleymaniye Mosque, with picnicking groups and a Ramadan message written in bulbs suspended between two of the minarets. The mosque is positioned on a high terrace with great views across the Golden Horn to Galata and beyond.

White marker pen, black 1mm Pigma pen, water-brush with Lexington grey ink, gouache, A5

mosques at night1

The Atik Ali Pasha Mosque, and older and smaller mosque near the Grand Bazaar, sketched in a hurry, the single minaret and artificially lit trees dramatic against the night sky. The perspective went a bit wonky as I craned my head upwards.

White marker pen, gouache, A5

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